VCFS Therapeutic Day Treatment Program provides therapeutic behavioral interventions combined with education and mental health treatment to children and adolescents after school and during the summer months.

Looking for a program that allows the individual to stay at home while benefiting from our resources? The Intensive In-Home program focuses on improving the individual’s interactions within the home, school, and the broader community, providing the individual with assistance at home and offering coordination with other care providers.

Outpatient therapy services to families, children, and adolescents. These therapy sessions are helpful for individuals looking to clarify and set their goals as well as learn the proper techniques and strategies to accomplish them. This also includes developing strategies to help them overcome challenges and difficulties in their personal live

VCFS Provides a community stabilization program for adults, children, and adolescents. Services are provided in the individual’s home, school, or community settings. Community stabilization is a short-term crisis intervention service designed to help and support individuals within their natural community.