Program Description

VCFS Therapeutic Day Treatment Program provides therapeutic behavioral interventions combined with education and mental health treatment to children and adolescents after school and during the summer months. Children and adolescents become connected with VCFS staff after school and during the summer to identify and implement appropriate behaviors in the home, school, and community. Each individual will interact and have the opportunity to engage with Qualified Mental Health Professionals, Licensed, and License-eligible Clinicians in support of their treatment goals complying with their Individual Service Plan

VCFS Mission

VCFS Therapeutic Day Treatment aims to identify at-risk youth and provide children and adolescents with assured clinically based mental health treatment. VCFS services are designed to identify risk factors, stabilize behaviors. strengthen and preserve families, and maintain individuals at home in their community. VCFS strives to sustain and reunite the core family by assisting individuals to develop appropriate boundaries while decreasing inappropriate behaviors. VCFS focuses on empowering families and individuals to effectively utilize community and internal resources to achieve positive outcomes. VCFS programs provide structure, support and services to meet the needs of at-risk youth and their families while addressing the risk factors within the family, community, and school through individual and group sessions.

Admission Criteria

Individuals shall meet two or more of the following:

VCFS Staff

The New VCFS Therapeutic Day Treatment Program staff includes bachelor and master’s level Qualified Mental Health Professionals and Licensed Professional Counselors on the program site. VCFS staff provides strength -based behavioral modification, cognitive behavioral interventions, and incentive-based program. VCFS locations are clinically supervised by a licensed or license-eligible clinician providing individual and group counseling and crisis support as needed.

Active Service Components

VCFS TDT program employs a staff to student ratio not to exceed 1 to 6 to achieve students individualized goals through:

Toward the goal of: 

How Does VCFS TDT Program Work?

How Do I Participate?

Referrals to VCFS TDT program come from school administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, school affiliated social workers, mental health counseling agencies, Department of Social Services, or the Department of Juvenile Justice. TDT services are potentially covered by Medicaid for Medicaid Members base on eligibility

Families that feel that their children may be eligible for VCFS ID program or Schools that are interested in collaborating with VCFS to provide TDT services should contact one of our offices